Guys– I finally feel like I hit a milestone! MOST of the time my alcoholic voice (Betsy) is silent. BUT.. every week or two she tries to talk me into drinking and all summer long I have caved into her wishes. NOT tonight– although it was the perfect opportunity. My dad took my kids for a couple nights & Betsy kept telling me how great margaritas would be tonight alone with the hubby (he is basically a non-drinker and would try to talk me out of it but I would ultimately talk him into drinking with me if I wanted it badly enough..). She was very persistent–but so was I!  I told her all day/night long to GTFO and here I am about to watch a movie with the hubs sober AF 😜. This is the first time since my 90 day sober streak that I was able to ignore her. Progress!!

I posted earlier about staying sober at the beach today, which used to be a trigger spot. I had a great time sober (today no one else was drinking–which also helped). During previous summers, a day at the beach meant me passed out on the way home (incoherent and sleeping) and hitting my bed no matter how early we got home. Tonight I drove home and walked the dog after getting home. Crazy huh?

Wishing you all a great sober Saturday night!

Much Love 

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