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Sobriety is going well and I am currently on day 9. It is August 7 and I’m aiming for a dry August.

This weekend was a total success and I made it through a couple of situations that could have potentially sabotaged me.

Based on previous experiences, this is what would have happened if I had drank:  1) It wouldn’t have been as great as expected.  2) I would have had to drive almost an hour home with Willy after drinking– no matter how much time goes by and how much I eat, this is simply NOT OK.  3) I would have had to start my counter over again (yay for double digits tomorrow!).  4) I would have felt physically (and mentally) nasty from the alcohol.  AND, my personal favorite:  5) By NOT allowing myself to dive into the wine (which was readily available) to help aid an awkward social situation, I was able to loosen up and make connections  WITHOUT it, boosting my self-esteem and making me more confident for the next difficult social situation.

Friday: My sister was housesitting for her friend who has a gorgeous house and inground pool  I took Willy over to swim and sister invited a couple of her teacher friends.   They were loud and chatty and I felt super awkward at first.  I thought about getting a glass or two of wine to help me loosen up.  I decided that it wasn’t a good idea and accepted the fact that the afternoon was just going to suck for me. soul  I think that I am most happy that others were doing it so it would have been 100% acceptable and not weird plus it was right in front of me and I was able to say I’m not going to go there, and I was able to follow through.

Saturday:  We had an impromptu get together with hubby’s side of the family.  They are totally not drinkers and weirdly enough, while I didn’t have the urge to drink while they were here, I had a big urge to finish the 1/4 bottle of tequila after they left.  I fought the urge and didn’t drink it, but thought that was an odd time to get an urge (Betsy– my alcoholic inner voice– takes full advantage of any situation.  She told me I deserved it after having such a nice get together on the fly and putting up with his family’s craziness–they really aren’t bad).  I enjoyed many sober conversations during the time that his family was visiting.  It was so nice to be able to remember those conversations the next day and to not worry about what I said or did!   Waking up the next morning sober was also a bonus!

Sunday:  Many moons ago (about 6 months worth, to be exact..), Sundays ALWAYS (and had for years) consisted of drinking.  After 6 months, this has become quite foreign to me.   I didn’t even think about drinking once yesterday.  It was a pretty lazy day.  Had a lunch date with hubby when he finally got up and then we went to Sam’s Club (for fun– I had been itching to go all weekend).  My niece stayed the night Saturday night and I took her and Willy for a walk up to the park.  Then I supervised them while they swam in the pool.  After a little while hubby went in the pool with them & I took the time to start some laundry, stick dinner in the oven (just got a heat it up meal from Sam’s) and clean up the kitchen. Sunday night ended with one of the worst movies I have ever seen (This is 40). A normal, typical, easy going sober Sunday.  Not only did I go to bed early, but I brushed my teeth before bed and remember going to bed.

Today is Monday, a new day & a new week.  I will embrace the week with a sharp mind and a happy soul <3

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I am a mom of boys, wife, furmom, gardner, walker, runner, teacher, reader, writer and cook. I am 42 years old and live in the beautiful state of Michigan. I love my job as an elementary special education teacher. The most remarkable quality of mine is that I'm a recovering alcoholic.

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