Day 3, Again..

I can’t seem to string more than a sober week together these days.

What happened?  Badness.  Not goodness.   Something so stupid it is embarrassing.

I last wrote on Saturday.  Two days later we headed up north for a week of relaxation. We got up on Monday afternoon and went to Walmart shortly after for groceries.   I was a pro at Walmart.  I cruised past the wine aisle and the liquor section without even the smallest urge to stop.

When we got home and started putting away the groceries, I noticed that my sister (who had just stayed there to celebrate her birthday with her friends) had left a lot of alcohol, including a full 5th of vodka.  The last time I stayed there with her, she drank and I ignored the alcohol she had in the fridge– so I didn’t think it would be a problem.

After I had everything put away, I realized that I forgot coffee.  Anthony drove me up to Rite Aid (he likes to drive me, and most of the time I really like it when he does.. so when he offers, I usually jump at the offer!).  I came out with coffee, and a bottle of Kahlua.

I used to run to Rite Aid for liquor runs whenever we were up there.  I’m not sure why I couldn’t resist the urge.  I knew it would pair deliciously with that bottle of vodka.  I also ended up picking up a couple of bottles of wine while we were up there.  My excuse was that it was our vacation (screw sober vacations, right?).  I didn’t drink every night, but I drank more than I should have.  I did it knowing that it would be easier to abstain when I got home.  I think overall that drinking put a huge damper on the vacation and a sober vacation would have been more fun, more rewarding, better for my physical and mental state, etc.

We came home on Sunday and it is now Tuesday.  I went to the grocery store yesterday and had no urge to pick up wine or liquor.  I am taking it one day at a time, with a short goal in mind, like weekly sober chunks.

Today I started a 3 day detox program (that is part of a 30 day health challenge).  I am more worried about choking down gross concoctions and getting my gallon of water in than anything else.  Also, I’m not supposed to eat any solids today and then just one meal the next two days.  I know that 3 days is nothing and I can do anything for 3 days.  Right now I’m choking down Apple Cider Vinegar, water and Cayenne pepper.  Yuck!!  This should be the grossest thing I have to drink today, but I have to drink it a second time later on today!  I should lose 5-10 pounds though, have brighter skin, healthier insides, etc.

SO… here it goes.  Sober cheers with a super yucky drink!  Here’s to the rest of the week and the weekend sober.  Today is August 1st and I know that August is going to be an awesome month!!beach

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