I am putting my overeating issues aside for the time being.  I have bigger fish to fry (literally).

Tomorrow morning, at the crack of dawn, Anthony and I leave for scout camp!  I am slightly excited, a little nervous & apprehensive, a little happy and a little sad.  I went last year for a few days, and it really is a fun time.

The boys have classes during the day and are kept pretty busy.  The camp is pretty huge and you ride your bike most everywhere.  I remember my muscles being exhausted by the end of the first day that I was there.  I’m more out of shape this year and have put on some weight.  To top it off, I’ve barely rode my bike this summer.  I’m out of shape and out of practice!  I’m going to be one tired gal!

I’m not so worried about overeating, as meals are provided and we are only allowed a rationed amount.  The food is processed and  non-vegetarian, so I’m going to pick up some easy go-to meals at the store for me today (healthy).  I will eat mostly the camp food but occasionally something else– just in case they have a nasty meal.  Plus, I will be getting plenty of exercise so I’ll burn off the calories I’m eating.

So…. here I go!!  Totally out of my comfort zone (I am quiet, shy and a girl’s girl.. this camp will be full of boys and men!).  With any luck, I will make it out alive!

P.S.  Last year I was extremely stressed about not being able to drink for 2 nights and 3 days.  I was even worried about going through withdrawals there.  How NICE it is to not have to stress about going through withdrawals or abstaining from alcohol!

camp letter

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