Family Fun Day at the Beach, 7-8-17

Pics from 2014-2016 3456It was an interesting day yesterday at the beach party. Some of the people I was with were drinking and some weren’t. My dad and his friend were drinking mixed drinks with vodka out of a cream soda bottle. He was pretty buzzed and it was weird. I would have enjoyed drinking along with him if I was drinking, but as an observer it made me kind of uncomfortable. Then my cousin’s good friend who is always at the beach was missing because he drank too much the night before without eating and was too hungover. He made his way down eventually, with a beer of course, because that’s what helps a hangover.

I really did have a good time sober. The band was good and there was good food. I enjoyed visiting with friends and family and actually mingled. In the past, going to the beach would always include large amounts of alcohol. I would get sloppy, not socialize much and pass out right when I got home. It was nice to get home and be coherent enough to enjoy the rest of the evening.

This is how it would have played out if I drank at the party yesterday:

I would have gotten too drunk and hubby would have made me leave because I would have been like a zombie.  I would have gone to bed right after getting home.  I would have woken up at 3 or 4 am and wondered if I did anything dumb.  I would have stressed about things I said or did and would try fruitlessly to remember.  I would have woken up with a headache, stomachache and feeling miserable physically and mentally.  I would have had a totally unproductive and sad Sunday (today).

Now.. how to get my dad to tone it down and maybe even go to a meeting.. He had like a 6 month period this year that his heart kept getting out of rhythm and he felt like crap and I thought he wasn’t drinking at all. I don’t know if he has a problem, I never really thought about it before (mainly because it seems like he can take it or leave it– whereas my problem was that I couldn’t leave it– I always HAD to have it). I guess I can’t, so I sit and watch. Sometimes it’s hard to not get preachy. It’s just that this way is SO much better. I see people who are letting alcohol run their lives and that is rubbish.

What a weird twist of fate, it turns out that this sober thing is actually something wonderful!  I will write back soon and let you know how it’s turning out.  I am looking forward to what the rest of the sober summer has in store for me.  It’s funny how a sober summer once seemed absolutely horrifying!

Anyways, just had to get that out, to those who would understand. I hope you all have a great sober Sunday. I am going to enjoy the day after more than 10 hours of blissful sleep (probably from too much food yesterday, must workout today!!). XO 

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