Still no Abs 8-21-17


I still haven’t made my 3 day goal and am drinking about every night.  On a good night, I don’t start until 7 or 8.  On a bad day, I start drinking wine around 4 (which I do about once or twice a week).

Perhaps I will try to get in 3 abs days this week.  Trying not to think too hard about it, but I really would like to dramatically decrease my drinking once school starts.  It sure would help my weight dramatically!

I started the summer absolutely terrified of withdrawal complications.  I’m not really concerned about that anymore.  I don’t get any of the symptoms when I do stop, so I’m not going to let myself be paranoid about it.

In my defense, it has been a few stressful weeks (yeah I know, not really a validated excuse).  My uncle, who has been very ill and in the hospital since early July has passed away.  I’ve gone up north on the fly with the boys and am doing it again next week.  Always hard to abs up there!

I would like to make a few goals for this week:

#1– today is Layla’s birthday party at the beach.  You KNOW how it is at the beach!  I do not want to drink today.  At least that’s what I’m saying now, at 8:12 in the morning.  I’m going to try to not drink at the beach and remember how good it felt the last time to remember the ride home and to be able to be productive after a beach day.  IF I need to drink I would like to drink something really weak, like I did last time and didn’t really catch a buzz.  HOPE !!

#2– continue to work out almost everyday, even when I’m up north. I ALWAYS feel better when I’m working out and I really need to keep it up and form a solid habit before going back to work.

#3– Try to abs the best I can.  I would LOVE to have 3 abs days this week– if if they’re not consecutive– but even better if they are!

Wish me luck & success.  I will TRY to have as much willpower as I can.

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