I had wine last night– too much.  I wanted to drink wine all day.  I knew that I would.  I picked up a box before picking Ant up from choir rehearsal.  I don’t remember the latter part of last night and I felt pretty awful today.

I missed my morning run.  I was so tired all day long and groggy.  I had a headache all day long.  My body was achy and my lung hurt.   My stomach didn’t’ feel super awesome either.  Overall, drinking last night made today suck pretty bad.   I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and NOT feel like this!

Next time I want to drink I’m going to read this.  Since I quit drinking regularly, I’ve found that when I drink the negative consequences outweigh the positive ones.  I don’t feel that great while I’m drinking.  I am distant and introverted.  The wakeup the next day is brutal and it affects my entire day.  It really isn’t worth it and should be something I do once in a great while.

That is all.  I have to get ready for the choir concert.  I just wanted to get that off my chest and will hopefully deter wanting to drink in the near future.

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