I didn’t make my 3 day abs goal.

I am ok with that.  Overall, I have cut down my drinking.  Today I start a 21 day challenge (for weight loss).  I have to work out daily and eat well.  I’m going to try to drink on as many few nights as possible.

On Wednesday morning, I am heading to Tawas with my sons.  There, I’m going to connect with my mom (as all of her things fill the cottage).  We’re going to disconnect, read more, write more, color, and spend good quality time together.

I don’t think I have ever stayed at that cottage a night without drinking.  That is very SAD.  I’m not sure how much fun it will be to get sloshed while taking care of the boys, so I will drink a little to nothing.

I am very excited today and tomorrow to focus on working out/cleaning the house/hanging out in the pool and then heading north with all of my productive things to do.

#recovery #addiction #alcoholaddiction #summer2016 #moderation

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