No desire to drink yet.  Had a very boring night last night.  Still didn’t desire to drink. Read my book and went to bed early.  I wanted to get up early and walk, but I couldn’t sleep well and I am super tired and achy today.

I am planning on going at least for a short walk soon.  I am feeling kind of down in the dumps and I’m not sure why.  It may be the gloomy weather, the fact that I didn’t get up really early to walk like I wanted to or that the unstructured summer days are just getting to me.  Plus, my weight is way up by like 4 pounds.  It’s been stable for the past 6 months that I’ve been watching it.  I think it is time to really buckle down on the nutrition and workouts.  I would like to start doing more strength training and less cardio– or the same amount of cardio and add strength.

Our first whole day home was yesterday and I planned to go to a noon meeting. We ended up having a lazy morning and before I knew it it was almost 11:30 and I hadn’t showered yet so I didn’t make it.  I am going to go today for sure, I think that will help me feel better.

I am hoping to be more light/clear headed and motivated after my walk.  But it is almost 9:00 so I guess I better get moving.  No matter how unmotivated and poopy my mood is, I am SO grateful for day 6 and where I am at right now!  I feel confident that I can overcome this and make it to day 100 (I made it to 90 days this past spring and felt GREAT!).

I will put sobriety first.  If I need to lay around all day, then I will lay around all day.  If I need to eat ice cream all day, then I will eat ice cream.  If I need to keep busy, then I will keep busy.  Sobriety will come first, no matter what!

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