Binge Drinking 7-31-16


I drank Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night (it is now Sunday morning).  On Thursday, Susie and I went to see Uncle Ed.  He was having a very risky surgery the next day.  I stayed the night at her house Thursday night, so of course drinks were in order!

On Friday, she came to my house and we hung out at the pool all day.  Nervous about Uncle Ed’s surgery (it was scheduled in the afternoon, and would take hours, so we knew we had a long wait before finding out anything) we took the edge off by drinking.  I drank all day and into the night.

On Saturday, Anthony’s parents had their big family reunion party.  They are not big drinkers, so I was thinking I wouldn’t drink.  But others were drinking, so I drank Rasberry-ita’s and some wine also.

It is now Sunday and I think we are going to the beach to celebrate Suz’s birthday.  I can’t remember the last time I was at the beach and NOT drinking. However, I am thinking that this would be a good day to practice not drinking at the beach.  SO, I’m going to try to NOT wander down the wine aisle when I stop to get her a card on the way there.  IF I do pick up something to drink, I’m not going to beat myself up over it.  BUT I’m going to try to abstain and going to try to not think too hard about it.

I will write back tomorrow with the results of today..

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