Another Relapse, 6-30-17


I foolishly picked up a box of wine and drank the first night in Tawas.  Felt crappy the next day and wasn’t going to drink the second night– but it was there and I was bored.. so I did.

Drinking didn’t make things GREAT.  On the second morning, we had to get up and get the place cleaned up and head home.  One thing I want to mention is that I was SO short tempered with the kids.  I knew it was the hangover.  I was in a terrible mood.  My mental and physical states were sad and painful.

We are going back up tonight.  I’m not sure what or if I will drink this weekend.  Monday is the 3rd anniversary of my mom’s death, it is going to be a hard day.

NOOOOOOOO!   I reread the last two lines, and NO.  I will NOT drink this weekend.  I DON’T want to feel as bad as I did yesterday and Wednesday.  I DON’T want to be short tempered with my family and unmotivated.  More than likely it will just be non drinkers up there anyway, so I don’t even need to be tempted by others drinking!

Here is a quick list of strategies for when I feel tempted:

– Treat myself (food, special drink, apparel– whatever it takes!)

– Go outside– go for a walk or down to the beach and take in nature

– Read or listen to a podcast

– Make a list of reasons why I will regret it the next day

Ok team!  We’ve got this!  I will not sit back and “maybe” drink.  I. WILL. NOT. DRINK.  PERIOD!!

Now off to do some more writing and reflecting and then go to AA to hear a powerful speaker.

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