A Birthday Success! 3-20-17


I’m feeling very accomplished.  It is Monday and I survived Friday, St. Pat’s Day, My 40th birthday and then my birthday party on Saturday without a drink.  I knew that I didn’t want to drink– but didn’t know if I would until each night passed.

My party was laid back and small.  Most people weren’t drinking.  James and Daphne brought me a bottle of Captain Morgans (I haven’t told many people I quit).  It would have been SO easy to pour some into my punch– but I knew it wouldn’t end well.  The bottle is up in my old liquor cupboard.  I’m going to dump it, just haven’t gotten the chance yet.

I felt kind of sad after the party.  I was mourning my old friend Alcohol– who wasn’t invited.  Some of the evening was boring without him and I worried that I was a boring host.  I messaged Debbie the morning after who assured me that it was relaxed but not boring and she prefers me not oblivious drinking till I pass out.

So far it’s been 5 weeks and 2 days.  WOW!  Never could I have imagined that before.  This one day at a time stuff really works!!  🙂

I’ve also been seeing a therapist regularly.  I think that has helped my mental state.  The 2nd and 3rd week was really tough.  I felt SO tired, groggy and crabby.  It seemed like I was such a better person when I drank regularly.  She helped me to see the positives and when I came to her during week 4 she was amazed at my transformation.  I was happy and had an energy I lacked before.

I hope that I never succumb to the way of life I used to know.  I was like a prisoner who wanted to be freed but didn’t know how.  Alcohol really had a tight grip on me.  I never want to go down that road again!

I’ll keep writing, especially as I progress in my 30 day book and have writing assignments.  I haven’t read it in awhile.  This whole month has been so busy with work obligations and appointments.  It seems that I have something to do every night.  Things are going to be slower in April though and I hope to get a lot of reading done over spring break (not sure what we are doing yet or where we are going…)

Anyways, I’m at work on lunch.  Time to get back to work and get ready for my afternoon.  Ready to be done with Monday!

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