Vision Statement:

I am brilliant in the body and mind.  My mind is sharp and colleagues and friends look to me for help.  I am energetic and playful.  I am content where I am and optimistic for the future.

The Before Me:

I think I probably used alcohol to escape depression.  I am tired of being sick and tired.  I hate waking up everyday feeling guilt and shame.  I am tired of wondering if my health ailments are due to my drinking.  I am tired of alcohol taking me away from my family.  I am tired of worrying that my breath reeks of alcohol in the morning at work.  I am tired of over drinking to the point of not being coherent.  I am tired of thinking about my dreams and aspirations instead of following through with them.

The New Me:

I will feel great when I am thriving in society.  My energy will be high and I will be excited about life.  I will be able to accomplish personal goals, such as my fitness goals, my creative goals and I’ll also be able to organize the house and make such nice spaces (such as the spare room AKA junk room).  My family will be proud of me and I will be high on life, not on the temporary alcohol buzz.  My finances will be happier and so will my spouse.  I’m not sure how my career will change– it might not, but I will be a more competent teacher when I am sober and thriving.

#recovery #30daysolution #alcoholaddiction #addiction

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