Hurdles 6-20-16


This process came about when I went to the doctor about a month ago for lung pain.  I had a condition that can be brought on by many factors, one of which is liver cirrhosis.

Because of this, I told my doctor that I drink everynight and am interested in getting help.  He told me that he would not recommend an inpatient program and that they had an excellent outpatient program that would be good for me.   Due to sometimes very serious side effects of alcohol withdrawal, you have to be monitored by a doctor for the first few days.  He told me I should wait until I get out of school and can commit stopping by everyday for 3 days.

So I called a couple of weeks before my summer break was to start.  First of all, getting information on these programs is almost impossible.  Even with calling, no one has answers to my questions and I keep getting redirected.  After talking to 3 places, I decided on one in Livonia.  Since it’s in the same complex, I actually assummed it was the one my doctor recommended.  So I made an appointment, although the woman I spoke to didn’t really answer my questions, especially pertaining about being monitored during withdrawals.

A few days before my appointment, the counselor I made an appointment to see called me.  She was surprised to learn that I’m still drinking.  She asked if I’d be willing to drive out to Brighton (the biggest addiction recovery center around).  She also said that I would need to do inpatient.  She said that alcohol is the only substance that withdrawal can kill you (lovely).  She said it’s more dangerous than Heroin.

I filled out an admissions request, but I have no idea how long this process is going to take– or if it will be too expensive.  I’m feeling a lot of frustration with the lack of information for someone seeking help.  The doctor, clearly, had no idea what he was talking about (was the first, and will be the last time I see him). The counselor was surprised and said I can give him her info so that she can educate him (in so many words).

So yes, hurdles and frustration.  Plus I dread inpatient.  It’s going to be horrible.

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